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Sottosanti - 9 Augusto 08:04

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Coin - 12 Enero 11:53

Things are what they are ..... no one is smarter than the other , lies , deceit games, whatever.. No one is smarter than the other.. respect is earned not givin, when others have been respected and no games have been played to deceive and welcome them,and inform them ... there is a price to pay for the one you have left out, his vengeance for the disrespect... Karma is in full for not welcoming and respecting me as other friends and tenants!!! things are in motion , you started it.... SO MOTE IT BE...

Arthur - 5 Noviembre 09:08

I need some fracking

Catoire - 25 Noviembre 08:05

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Lingren - 12 Junio 06:38

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Francis - 9 Mayo 02:55

hat jemand eine Oma fur mich die gut blast ??
dann schreibt [email protected]

Sanches - 2 Noviembre 16:51

isn't by definition she supposed to be a pro..?